gallereplay Team Close-Up: Viktoria Schessler

Briefly sum yourself up?
First of all, I can say that in school I had trouble “summing up” anything – extending all my essays and reports far beyond the word and text limit – there was and is always so much to say! So for summing up myself here I’d say that I’m passionate, devoted and persistent but maybe too much of an perfectionist. I love to travel, explore the world, I’m eager to learn and see more of what life can give us!

Enjoying a stroll through beautiful Paris

Enjoying a stroll through beautiful Paris

Whats your favorite motto?
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. – Confucius
Why cinemagraphs?
When I got to know the term “cinemagraph”, I was a little bit confused. After some research I got the whole concept and really, if you get involved with these living photographs, you don’t even want to see any static photograph anywhere anymore!
Describe a funny situation you had while working for gallereplay?
We have a little orange tree in our office (and we take great care of it). One day one of the small oranges fell off – Lydia and Marco made a joke out of it: To not see it as a bad sign for our business if a fruit is falling off “our office tree” they decided to eat it whenever one is falling off. Ending up in Lydia and Marco eating a highly sour green orange, which made us all laugh a lot in the office!

Gorgeous, sunny day outside the Petit Palais

Gorgeous, sunny day outside the Petit Palais

What superpower would you like to have and why?
When I was looking for an accommodation as I started to study in Kiel, I had to do official viewings – meaning I had to answer quite a lot of questions to apply for a specific room. So one day at a viewing I was asked which Disney character I would like to be if I could choose one, actually already a weird question for itself in these circumstances: So I said I would like to be Aladdin! Transferring this to the question here, I’d love to have the ability to easily move from one place to another, enjoying my freedom, seeing and exploring the world so easily! This applies also to having the ability to swim underwater without any interference!

Viktoria's dogs Fiona and Keira!

Viktoria’s dogs Fiona and Keira!

If you were stuck on a deserted island, which three things would you take with you?
First of all I would bring one of my favorite books, which I could always read over and over again. Second, I would go for a lighter! Beyond that I would bring a camera: If I find a way out of the island, I could share some of my experiences and memories afterwards! 🙂 p.s Sorry to my beautiful dogs Fiona and Keira! The island might be a bit too hot for you both!
Finally, what type of cinemagraph would you like to see more of in the future?
I would enjoy cinemagraphs for cooking! From my impression over the past months, food delivery and cooking apps are booming, it would be great to work more with those! But I guess it’s also because I’m a passionate cook in my free time.

Julian Osborne


Julian Osborne

Hey, I'm Julian! Community Manager here at gallereplay. Although cinemagraphs are fairly new to me, they're a medium I'm very quickly growing fond of. I'm passionate about social media, PR and blog writing! Away from work I'm usually found playing Rugby or having a few beers with mates.

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