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5 Festive Ways Your Business Can Use Cinemagraphs During Christmas

A company’s web presence is as relevant as its physical presence. Therefore, if brick and mortar business owners decorate their shops for the holidays, and send written seasonal greetings to colleagues and clients, those who run online shops should follow suit digitally. And it couldn’t be easier. To get you in the spirit, we’ve shortlisted our five favorite ways to use cinemagraphs to spread Christmas cheer online.

1) Use A Christmas Cinemagraph for Your Facebook Cover Video

If you’re anything like me, chances are that when you want to find information on a business, you head straight to Facebook. If I’m able to find the information I was after, I’m grateful. If I’m also drawn to something unique about the business’ page, then I’ll “like” and “follow” it. There are a number of factors that might influence my decision to do so—relevant content, images, videos, etc. But one thing’s for sure: I will linger longer to allow myself to be influenced if my first impression is a positive one. And a surefire way to leave a good first impression is with an eye-catching cinemagraph cover video.

For step-by-step instructions on how to use a cinemagraph for your Facebook cover video, check out our previous blogpost on the topic.

See the difference? Your Facebook page is ready for a holiday make-over.

2) Add A Little Noel to Your Newsletters

Email newsletters are an indispensable marketing and communications tool year-round, but especially during the Christmas season when you’ll want to inform your customers of extended opening hours, special sales, in-store events, and so forth. This is all valuable information, so why pair it with trite images that digital audiences will surely glance over? Opt instead for a cinemagraph that will captivate the recipients of your newsletter and more effectively draw them into the overall content of your message.

Read more about the benefits of cinemagraphs in email marketing here!

The average person receives countless emails every day, but how many of those contain striking cinemagraphs?

3) Make Your Website a Winter Wonderland

Would you like to highlight part of your inventory on your website this holiday season? Or perhaps you simply wish to extend Yuletide greetings on your landing page. Whatever use you decide to put your website to, make sure that your content is accompanied by one or more of our many seasonal cinemagraphs as a hero image. Not only do they excel in setting a festive tone, they do wonders for dwell-times, too.

Point in case: In 2016 gallereplay created a series of cinemagraphs for Factory (a Berlin-based innovation space), which illustrated their company values. After launching their “Ten Concrete Commandments,” session times on their website increased by 200%. In the era of short internet attention spans, the ability to double the length of time someone spends on your website is invaluable.

Click here to check out gallereplay’s project for Factory Berlin.

4) Display Your Holiday Cheer with a Cinemagraph EMail Signature

Statistics about dwell-times and increased web traffic certainly help to make the case for cinemagraphs, but they aren’t the only selling point worth mentioning. On a much more personal level, doing something as simple as adding a cinemagraph to your email signature will show your customers and coworkers that you, like most people, take pleasure in celebrating the holidays. Those you interact with in your day-to-day affairs will be sure to appreciate that you can incorporate even a small sliver of your personality into your professional self.

5) Keep the Christmas Card Tradition Alive

As a child, every year at Christmas my family would receive several cards in the mail from friends, relatives, and other acquaintances. My mother would proudly hang them on the frame of the door that led into our main living room. The collection of cards was a simple, yet pleasing decoration. However, the rise in popularity of e-mail also signaled the decline in popularity of hand-written mail. These days, few partake in the practice of sending Christmas cards. But that doesn’t mean that the intended gesture can’t be expressed in other ways!

To help you keep alive the tradition of sending holiday greetings, we’re bringing back our hugely popular free cinemagraph eCard tool! Choose from 16 different eCards to send personalized greetings to friends and coworkers, elegantly put yourself back on the radar of your clients, or to strengthen your rapport with return customers.

With our free eCard tool, you can send a heartfelt gesture in a matter of minutes.

See? Spreading a little holiday cheer on behalf of your business couldn’t be easier! Ready to get started? Take a look at our top 10 Christmas cinemagraphs!

Mason Mitchel


Mason Mitchel

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