5 Reasons Your Company Needs Cinemagraphs

Have you heard? Cinemagraphs are taking the marketing world by storm. ‘Cine…what?!’ you ask? In short, they are a mix of photo and video, looped perfectly to create a moment in motion. They have the unrivalled ability to grab and hold your customer’s attention for longer than a static photo. That’s why industry giants like Coca-Cola, Google and Samsung have made cinemagraphs a part of their marketing strategies.

And now you can too! With the ability to license high-quality stock cinemagraphs in a few clicks, the medium is no longer exclusive to multinationals. Whether you’re a startup trying to create a buzz, a medium-sized business wanting to “freshen up” your image, or part of a large corporation keen to gain a unique advantage over rivals, cinemagraphs can help you reach your goal.

Have I got your attention? I thought so. Without further ado, here are the five reasons why your company needs cinemagraphs:

1. Stay Innovative

Being one step ahead of your competition is a core ingredient for success in business. This requires constant innovation. Cinemagraphs are state-of-the-art. In many people’s eyes they are the future of digital advertising. Using cinemagraphs will signal to your customers that your business is in tune with the digital age.

2. Increase Your Visibility

staticcinemagraph_v3 Being visible to potential customers is key for any business, especially in a competitive market. The right visual can help your business stand out. Because our eyes are drawn to motion, cinemagraphs are a particularly good way to get visibility – 60% to 80% more effective than static photos, according to the Wall Street Journal. To put it simply: cinemagraphs will draw attention to your brand.
3. Connect With Your Customers

At the heart of any marketing strategy is the desire to connect with the public on an emotional level. If your business is able to instil positive emotions in your customers, your chances of success will drastically increase. Cinemagraphs have the ability to evoke feelings of surprise, delight and wonder through their subtle motion. This makes them a great tool for spreading your message and plucking at your customers’ heartstrings.

4. Keep Your Website Loading Quickly

loadingquickly_v3It’s become increasingly important for businesses to have not only a well-designed website, but one that also loads quickly. Normal video headers can be bulky and could slow your website down. Cinemagraphs on the other hand are “light” – they are short loops of 3 to 8 seconds, and as result they tend to be small in filesize. Many of the cinemagraphs in our collection are under 1MB in size (even in High Definition) and won’t weigh your website down.
5. Grow Your Social Media Presence

Growing and maintaining a social media presence is crucial to the success of modern businesses. Posting cinemagraphs is a great way to engage your existing followers and gain new ones. In the last 18 months, all major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have made it possible to share cinemagraphs. On Instagram the number of cinemagraph posts are growing rapidly: in the year 2015 the number of posts increased tenfold. In other words: more people are sharing cinemagraph content than ever before and the time to join them is now!

In summary: cinemagraphs are digital marketing’s newest weapon! So why not harness the power of this new medium for your business? Here at gallereplay we are proud to showcase a diverse selection of cinemagraphs to help you achieve marketing prowess. And not to blow our own trumpet, but we can also produce custom cinemagraphs, adding a more personalised touch to your marketing. Regardless of which type of business you run: small or large, niche or mainstream, gallereplay is here to guide you through your cinemagraph journey.

How about some inspiration to get you started? Check out our collection of high-definition stock cinemagraphs HERE! Already using cinemagraphs? Tell us about your experience in the comments section on Medium.

Julian Osborne


Julian Osborne

Hey, I'm Julian! Community Manager here at gallereplay. Although cinemagraphs are fairly new to me, they're a medium I'm very quickly growing fond of. I'm passionate about social media, PR and blog writing! Away from work I'm usually found playing Rugby or having a few beers with mates.

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