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Discover our Expanding Collection: New Filters and Stock Videos

In recent updates at gallereplay we have launched new categories and stock videos extending the collection to include different high-quality visuals like drone shots, hyperlapse videos, timelapses, stop motion and videos with reversed transitions.

They come with a slick new user interface on the stock website: Visitors can simply select a category by clicking a filter on the left side, making it more efficient to narrow down a search.

gallereplay is focused on innovative media. In the following examples you can see how the different techniques can be applied and I hope also provide inspiration for your next creative campaign.

Timelapse Stock Videos

Timelapse as a loop video made by Maik Thomas.

At gallereplay we have timelapses in our collection for several years. We now introduce timelapses with a moving camera such as the one above. When they’re optimised for an endless loop, they create a special atmosphere. You can find our timelapse loop videos here.

Hyperlapse Stock Footage

Hyperlapse loop video by Jonas Høholt.

A hyperlapse video is similar to a timelapse except its defining feature is to keep one element in focus while the camera moves in any direction around it. You can find our hyperlapse videos here.

Drone and Aerial Stock Videos

Drone video shot by Lydia Dietsch.

Drone video quality is constantly improving: 4K videos became an industry standard even for small drones such as the DJI Mavic 2. It is certain that more advancements to drone technology are on their way. You can now find our drone stock footage here.

Stop Motion Stock Footage

A classic stop motion video creates the illusion of motion by moving an object once per frame while keeping the camera still. Even if the format has been around for a while, creators are still developing and finding new ways to use the technique today. You can find our stop motion video footage here.

Stop motion stock video by Olena Balatska.

Stock Videos with Reversed Transitions

Video with a reversed transition by Manel Cebrian.

A reversed transition in a video can be subtle and slow or exaggerated and fast, simply put it rewinds the video back to the beginning. If used on a platform that’s playing a video repeatedly, such as instagram or facebook posts, it creates a smoother transition and therefore better experience for the viewer. You can find more examples here.

Stock Videos with Invisible Transitions

Loop Video made with invisible transition by Tyler Lillico.

Video footage optimised for an endless loop is timeless! We have heavily extended our videos with invisible transitions, which you can find here.

Samantha Baker


Samantha Baker

Hi I’m Sam, I work for gallereplay in artist relations, community and database management. I am also a photographer with a passion for shooting landscapes and music.

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