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If the revamped gallereplay website were a woman, we’d like to think of her as Heidi Klum: sexy and sleek on the outside, lot’s of marketing know-how, and an excellent command of the German language!

That’s right – we’ve given the website a little makeover. Our improved corporate design, a blog with marketing tips, and a German language version of the site are among the highlights. Here’s a full overview of what’s new with this update…


  • Updated homepage layout, showcasing even more of our artists’ dazzling works, while giving visitors all the key information at a glance
  • Updated corporate design, including a new font and logo (created by gallereplay’s own Lydia Dietsch)
  • Improved menu navigation on both desktop and mobile versions of the site


  • The launch of our official gallereplay blog “In the Loop” via which we aim to inform and entertain all you cinemagraph aficionados
  • A German version of the website (we are based in the wonderful Berlin after all)
  • A wishlist for you to tell us exactly what kind of stock cinemagraphs you’re after

It’s like Christmas in February! Hooray! Enjoy the site and let us know what you think.

Marco Woldt


Marco Woldt

I'm Marco, the co-founder of gallereplay. Before falling in love with cinemagraphs I worked as a journalist and producer for CNN International. I'm passionate about great stories, golden-era hiphop and a well-mixed Sazerac.

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