Cinemagraph by Flippantmedia

On Set With: Flippant Media

gallereplay recently caught up with the cinemagraph duo from “down under”  for an in-depth look at how their eerie masterpiece “Abduction” came to be…

gallereplay: So what inspired you to create this surreal cinemagraph?

Flippant Media: Our work often has a surreal quality to it. We love testing ideas, composition and colour and are constantly pushing our boundaries.
gallereplay: How did you get the model to float in mid-air?

Flippant Media: Abduction was a combination of two images: first we shot the person suspended above the bed on a milk crate. It was the closest thing around at the time (laughs). We then shot the bed sheet, using a fan, a hairdryer and our hands to move it around. We spent a lot of time on post-production, merging the two.
gallereplay: What was the trickiest thing about this production?

Flippant Media: Getting the bed sheet to loop perfectly was difficult, since we wanted to do it “in-camera” (rather than through editing techniques). We find it particularly rewarding although challenging, to create a loop in camera. In the end the movement feels more realistic.
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Pavlo Voytovych

I loved photography until the moment I saw a cinemagraph for the first time. That infinite motion is universal and a bit mystical... it's life.

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