Special Event: A Cinemagraph Masterclass with Virgo Haan

Are you curious to know more about cinemagraphs? Have you been meaning to add this new medium to your creative “arsenal”? Then come join our free Cinemagraph Masterclass and learn from one of the best: Estonian cinemagraph guru Virgo Haan!

Are you familiar with cinemagraphs? If you’ve been following our blog, chances are you’ve heard of them. In case you haven’t: they’re a new breed of photography that blends together a static image and video to create a “living photo.” It’s an innovative medium, believed by many to be the future of photography, and one we are proud to be ambassadors for.

In order to spread knowledge of cinemagraphs and facilitate their growth, we will be hosting a special two hour workshop in close collaboration with celebrated gallereplay artist and cinemagraph pioneer Virgo Haan. Virgo is traveling especially from his hometown Tallinn, Estonia, to lead this one-off event.

Virgo shooting on set!

Virgo on set in Talinn, shooting cinemagraphs!

The two hour workshop will aim to you guide you through the creation process, from shooting cinemagraphs using a DSLR camera, to editing them in Photoshop and After Effects. Virgo will provide a behind-the-scenes look at some of his own productions and provide tips and tricks on what to look out for, based on his experiences.

Interested? Come and join us!

Ahoy! Berlin, Wattstr. 11, 13355 Berlin

25/05/16, 18:00pm

This event is aimed primarily at photo and video professionals and may get a little technical in parts. But don’t be discouraged – if your main objective is to get a better understanding of cinemagraphs, please do come along.

Sign up here! (While this is a free event, please sign up via Eventbrite to guarantee your place, as we have a limited number of seats.)

This event is your opportunity to learn the intricacies of an innovative medium, and a chance to extend your photography/videography skills. We would be honored and excited to launch you on your cinemagraph journey!

Check out Virgo’s gallereplay profile for more of his stunning cinemagraphs.

Julian Osborne


Julian Osborne

Hey, I'm Julian! Community Manager here at gallereplay. Although cinemagraphs are fairly new to me, they're a medium I'm very quickly growing fond of. I'm passionate about social media, PR and blog writing! Away from work I'm usually found playing Rugby or having a few beers with mates.

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