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Meet the Artist: Jimmy Cheung

They say inspiration is everywhere, but some cities are definitely more inspiring than others! Gallereplay artist and NYC-resident Jimmy Cheung shares how “non-stop New York” keeps him motivated.

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Cinemagraph by Tyler Lillico

On Set With: Tyler Lillico

What lies behind a good landscape cinemagraph? We spoke to gallereplayer Tyler Lillico about ‘Campfire Under the Stars’, captured in the Canadian Rockies, just a few kilometers from where ‘The Revenant’ was shot.

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gallereplay Team Close-up: Tom Moran

Meet Thomas Moran, gallereplay’s marketing all-rounder and self-proclaimed photography nut. Find out the one thing Tom would change about gallereplay if he could, and why you may find him living amongst hobbits in a few years time.

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Meet the Cinemagraph Artist: Marcos Valle

Buenos Aires is famous for its great steak, mate tea and salsa dancing. Cinemagraph artist Marcos Valle captures many of these Argentine traditions in his work. Find out why his local approach has a global appeal.

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gallereplay Team Close-Up: Lydia Dietsch

In this month’s Team Close-Up: find out why gallereplay co-founder Lydia Dietsch’s singing is a reason for concern, and read about her secret plans to learn every language in the world!

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Photograph by Ray Collins / Cinemagraph by Armand Dijcks

Artist Guest Post: Creating My Wave Cinemagraph Series (by Armand Dijcks)

The man who brought us space cinemagraphs is back with a lush new series of sprawling ocean wave cinemagraphs. Armand Dijcks sheds light on his collaboration with photographer Ray Collins and the innovative techniques he used to bring these stunning photos to life.

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