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5 Ways Your Business Can Use Cinemagraphs

There’s no denying that cinemagraphs are beautiful, but beauty alone – as the old proverb goes – will not boil the pot. Fortunately “living photos” are also extremely versatile. Here are number of ways they can help you reach your marketing goals.

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Meet the Artist: Jimmy Cheung

They say inspiration is everywhere, but some cities are definitely more inspiring than others! Gallereplay artist and NYC-resident Jimmy Cheung shares how “non-stop New York” keeps him motivated.

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Cinemagraph by Tyler Lillico

On Set With: Tyler Lillico

What lies behind a good landscape cinemagraph? We spoke to gallereplayer Tyler Lillico about ‘Campfire Under the Stars’, captured in the Canadian Rockies, just a few kilometers from where ‘The Revenant’ was shot.

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Photograph by Ray Collins / Cinemagraph by Armand Dijcks

Artist Guest Post: Creating My Wave Cinemagraph Series (by Armand Dijcks)

The man who brought us space cinemagraphs is back with a lush new series of sprawling ocean wave cinemagraphs. Armand Dijcks sheds light on his collaboration with photographer Ray Collins and the innovative techniques he used to bring these stunning photos to life.

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