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Cinemagraph by Thomas Brand

On Set With: Thomas Brand

In this month’s edition of On Set With, cinemagraph artist Thomas Brand shows us around one of Bavaria’s most striking abandoned locations and reveals why a bag of flour can come in very handy on set!

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Meet The Artist: Blair Lister

Are cinemagraphs our best hope of slowing down the frantic pace of the media? Blair Lister, our latest addition to the gallereplay roster, shares his views on how cinemagraphs could help cut through the noise.

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Cinemagraph by Malik Daniels

On Set With: Malik Daniels

Ever had to hold completely still with a snake wrapped around your face? New Mexico-based gallereplayer Malik Daniels reveals how his cinemagraph “Innocence of Eve” came to fruition.

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Meet The Artist: Tyler Lillico

Find out how an unfortunate skiing accident led Canada-based gallereplayer Tyler Lillico to discover his passion for photography and cinemagraphs!

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Cinemagraph Quo Vadis?

Want to know what’s next for cinemagraphs? Join gallereplay Co-Founder Marco Woldt on a journey through film’s past, present and future.

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Cinemagraph by Michel Mölder

On Set With: Michel Mölder

Find out how Michel Mölder got himself out of a “post-production pickle” to create one of his most iconic cinemagraphs of New York City!

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Cinemagraph by Armand Dijcks

Artist Guest Post: Space Cinemagraphs (by Armand Dijcks)

Ever wondered what it would be like to take photos at zero gravity? In this guest post, cinemagraph expert and space buff Armand Dijcks explains the challenges of capturing timelapses from the International Space Station and why NASA’s footage lends itself perfectly to cinemagraphs.

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5 Reasons Your Company Needs Cinemagraphs

Have you heard? Cinemagraphs are digital marketing’s latest weapon. Via our marketplace any company – whether large or small – can license stunning visuals. Here are 5 ways in which cinemagraphs can help your company!

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Cinemagraph by Robert Calzada

On Set With: Robert Calzada

With the U.S. elections just a few months away, some Americans find themselves concerned about their country’s political future. Cinemagraph artist Robert Calzada is one of them.

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