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Cinemagraph by: Flippant Media

Special Project: World Water Day 2016

Today is World Water Day – an opportunity to draw attention to some of the most pressing water-related issues. And what better way to illustrate these issues than with cinemagraphs?

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Cinemagraph by Gerardo Juarez

On Set With: Gerardo Juarez

This week, anecdotes around the production of this mind-boggling cinemagraph by Gerardo Juarez.

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Cinemagraph by Marco Woldt

Static vs. Dynamic: The Psychology Behind Cinemagraphs

Moving images are climbing confidently towards the top of modern display marketing. The secret of their success lies deep in our subconscious and history as a species. Find out how cinemagraphs trigger mankind’s oldest instincts.

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gallereplay Reloaded

Find out which new features we’re introducing with this update and what we have in common with Heidi Klum (yes, the lingerie model).

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Cinemagraph by Lydia Dietsch

Cinemagraph: The gallereplay Definition

Cinemagraphs are an exciting new medium, still open to interpretation. While there’s no “textbook definition,” here are our thoughts on what makes a great cinemagraph.

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Cinemagraph by Flippantmedia

On Set With: Flippant Media

Sometimes magicians do reveal their tricks! Australian cinemagraph duo Flippantmedia share insights on how their eerie masterpiece “Abduction” was created…

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