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Cinemagraph by Armand Dijcks

Artist Guest Post: Space Cinemagraphs (by Armand Dijcks)

Ever wondered what it would be like to take photos at zero gravity? In this guest post, cinemagraph expert and space buff Armand Dijcks explains the challenges of capturing timelapses from the International Space Station and why NASA’s footage lends itself perfectly to cinemagraphs.

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5 Reasons Your Company Needs Cinemagraphs

Have you heard? Cinemagraphs are digital marketing’s latest weapon. Via our marketplace any company – whether large or small – can license stunning visuals. Here are 5 ways in which cinemagraphs can help your company!

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Cinemagraph by Robert Calzada

On Set With: Robert Calzada

With the U.S. elections just a few months away, some Americans find themselves concerned about their country’s political future. Cinemagraph artist Robert Calzada is one of them.

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Cinemagraph by: Flippant Media

Special Project: World Water Day 2016

Today is World Water Day – an opportunity to draw attention to some of the most pressing water-related issues. And what better way to illustrate these issues than with cinemagraphs?

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Cinemagraph by Gerardo Juarez

On Set With: Gerardo Juarez

This week, anecdotes around the production of this mind-boggling cinemagraph by Gerardo Juarez.

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Cinemagraph by Marco Woldt

Static vs. Dynamic: The Psychology Behind Cinemagraphs

Moving images are climbing confidently towards the top of modern display marketing. The secret of their success lies deep in our subconscious and history as a species. Find out how cinemagraphs trigger mankind’s oldest instincts.

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gallereplay Reloaded

Find out which new features we’re introducing with this update and what we have in common with Heidi Klum (yes, the lingerie model).

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Cinemagraph by Lydia Dietsch

Cinemagraph: The gallereplay Definition

Cinemagraphs are an exciting new medium, still open to interpretation. While there’s no “textbook definition,” here are our thoughts on what makes a great cinemagraph.

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